7 Handy Tips to Get a Good Deal on Car Rentals

Renting a car for your journey allows you to truly explore a place. You don’t have to plan your journey according to the availability of local transport. If you plan your journey well, renting a car for the journey can actually be cheaper than using public means of transport.We have recommended to hire Mycitytaxi Car Rental Services who deliver luxury and affordable taxi services.

Here are 7 handy tips that you can use to negotiate a deal for car rental services.


  1. Need for Luxury:- The features on the car that you rent can be a deciding factor on which your rent is calculated. If you just want to travel from location A to B as soon as possible, go for an economical and cheaper car. You can also book an electric vehicle with a decent range so that you don’t have to overspend on the fuel costs for your journey. You can go for a compact SUV or a hatchback with an overhead carrier to create sufficient space for 5 travellers and their luggage.
  2. . Speed Limiter on the Car:- Some car rental agencies also offer you the choice of cars with speed limiters installed on them. If you are just going to cruise along the highway for a while, go for such cars because they are available at a cheaper price than their fully unlocked versions.
  3. Self-Drive:- A rental car is often available with a chauffeur option. If you have two or three capable drivers with you on the journey, you can split the driving experience and save a lot of money by not hiring a dedicated chauffeur.
  4. Complete Drive + Fuel Package:-In this rental car scheme, the agency pays for the complete cost of fuel surcharge that you need along the way by collecting a fee prior to the journey. If you know that you are going to drive for a specific range and do not trust the mileage figures portrayed by the agency, go for such a package.
  5. Pay Per Day Costs:-If your goal is to travel from point 1 to point 2 as fast as possible, choose a pay per day package. This package is perfect if you are not planning on taking a lot of pit stops along the way to the point 2.
  6. Pick Up and Drop Off Locations:- Several nation wide car rental agencies feature multiple drop-off locations for the car. You can hire the services of such agencies if you don’t want to bother coming back to the initial location to drop off the vehicle.
  7. Rent from a Certified Rental Store Away from the Airport:- It is a good idea to look for a rental agency somewhere in the centre of the town, away from the airport and railway stations. The agencies at the airports will often overcharge you for the rental cars.

Following these 7 tips will help you save a lot of money on your journey. Don’t forget to test the rental car thoroughly before signing the contract to ensure that you are getting true value for your money.