4 Practical Alternatives To Buying a Car

Cars tend to be a luxurious way of living for many people in this modern age, and are means for traveling conveniently to work and back home. However, there is no denying that owning a car can become expensive in terms of maintenance. Even if you learn how to lease a car, things like insurance, servicing, and repairs, fuel, and tires can add up to an accelerated rate. Even for those with adequate money, living in a large city with a car can be a nuisance. Some condos, apartment buildings, and even co-ops don’t offer parking, or they may charge exorbitant prices to accommodate a vehicle. With the rising costs of fuel and living, alternatives to buying a car certainly have their own conveniences that cannot be overlooked. Also, as a bonus, they are usually more environmentally friendly.


Here are a few practical alternatives to buying a vehicle

Public Transportation

Without a shadow of a doubt, public transportation is the most economical alternative to owning a vehicle. Depending on where you live, chances are there a number of options and most cities and towns have a bus service. If you reside in bigger cities like New York, a train service can even be more efficient. This, however, might not be an option depending on where you reside, but if it is, its advantages cannot be overlooked.


If your workplace or areas where you hangout are close to your apartment, using a bike as primary means of transportation has various benefits. You will not only save money, but your body will thank you as well. If you sit behind a desk all day long, chances are you’re not getting adequate exercise. However, riding to and from work on a daily basis can enhance your mood, metabolism and increase your productivity at work. It also reduces your cholesterol levels and weight all while minimizing your expenses.

Renting a Car

During the times when you need to travel long distances, car rentals can be a better alternative to buying a car. Some car rentals grant unrestricted mileage and some luring discounts during the weekdays. Renting a car does not require you to cover the maintenance fees, but you must pay insurance in order to use it. Consult with several car rentals in your area and compare the rates before pulling the trigger.


Uber is one of the most popular forms of transportation, and that’s for a good reason. It is a company that utilizes an app to enable individuals to arrange for rides with others for money. If you own a smartphone, you can download it on Google Play or Apple Store and submit a trip request instantly. The advantage with uber is that it’s almost everywhere and you don’t even have to go outside to request a ride. Another benefit is that it’s generally cheaper than taking a cab and way cheaper than owning a car. Uber is an excellent option for riding around town, and you don’t have to pay for insurance, repairs, fuels and other car owner related costs.